LOCATION CHANGE Update:  We will meet in front of the Wells Fargo building.  See Google map below.  Most of our shooting will be at the Wells Fargo building -- not at the Toy Store.  We will go to the Toy Store area for one final sequence -- after we finish with the Wells Fargo area.  So do not go to the Toy Store.  Go to the Wells Fargo building area when you arrive.  See Google Live Street view map lower on this page.

NOTE: Among other things, we will shooting some more shots of people and kids looking at their cell phones, tablets, etc. So if you have one of those devices, please bring it along.  If not, no problem.

Weather looks good.   But it is scheduled to rain the next day.   SO RETURN TO THIS PAGE TUESDAY NIGHT and WEDNESDAY morning in case rain advances earlier than expected.

Note:  If you are under 18 years of age, and have not yet signed one of our release forms at the last Robot taping, please have a parent or guardian available at the shoot to sign the release for you.  Thanks!

We are doing pick up shots for GIANT ROBOT  Wednesday December 14 in Brentwood Village at 12 noon.  It would be wonderful if you can join us again.  This time it will be all fun and no "work".  But if you can't make it -- that's okay.

Cast call is for 11:30 for a 12 noon shoot.  We will be finished by 1:30. Outside the Wells Fargo Bank building in Brentwood Village.  (This shoot will be a shorter shoot than the last one.)  Once again you can park in the nearby Veterans's parking lot and bring with you the parking stub -- and it will be validated for 2 hours.

This shoot will mainly involve new short scenes with the Giant Robot.  It will be people reacting to the robot.  Running, screaming, laughing, running from the robot,  Running after the robot.  Perhaps finally the Giant Robot happily dancing with everyone.  It will be fun and silly.   

We will be shooting a couple more shots of people/kids looking at their tablets.  So bring any that you have that we can use in the shots.


We will be taping in front of the Wells Fargo Bank area.  In Brentwood village. Not too far from the Toy Store.  Wells Fargo bank is located at 11612 Chayote Street, Los Angeles, CA 90049  

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